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Fighting Against Big Corporations: Class Action Representation, Insurance Denials, Product Liability, Robocalls, Investor Fraud, Corporate Practices

We fight for you on a contingency fee when you can’t do it on your own.

For those whose lives have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing, it can be difficult to know where to turn in order to hold corporate America accountable. Murray Murphy Moul + Basil has represented hundreds of plaintiffs in litigation, and has proven success securing financial compensation for those who have been injured by big corporations.  

Class Actions
When one person or business suffers harm because of a company’s standard practices, it is often too expensive for that injured party to take on a large company. With a class action lawsuit, the claims of all individuals who suffered the same harm can be brought by one person, and the ability to bring a class action may deter the wrongdoer company from future wrongdoing.  The most common types class actions include: insurance claims, commission claims, wage and hour abuses, discrimination, false advertising, contract breaches, violation of privacy rights, jamming improper charges, credit reporting errors, robo phone calls and texts, improper debt collection efforts and securities fraud.
Life Insurance or other Insurance Claim been denied?
Call us now to assist you.  We help people in their most stressful times when the insurance company won’t.  


Has a business, a customer, a partner or other person harmed you?  Stop spending time and money chasing them. We will partner with you and get paid attorneys’ fees only if we win.  If your attorney won’t do these things, you need a new one. 


Client Recoveries exceed $1 Billion dollars.

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