A Right-Sized Practice

Law firms are big for a reason; so they can throw every possible resource at a matter whether it’s needed or not. All those people and all those offices and all those hours cost you money. We don’t work that way. We’re an efficient, practical alternative. We cut to the chase. No big-firm layers, process and price tag. Just effective solutions and tangible results. 

Innovative Fee Arrangements

MMM+B expects to win for you, not work for you. As a result of that confidence in our abilities, we take pride in developing innovative fee arrangements including contingency, alternative and hourly rate litigation. Our team prefers to share risks with our clients, being under-compensated if we are unsuccessful, and rewarded when we achieve results. 

Expertise That Matters

We’ve won some of the highest-profile litigation in the city, the state and the country in recent years. And we don’t say that to boast. We say it to demonstrate the difference between our firm and others. You see, we go to court. And we go there to win. We’re seasoned litigators who don’t back down from a fight, and that’s the kind of team you want in your corner when the time comes.

Honest & Direct

If your case has merit, we’ll take it. If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you. That’s our approach. We want to help you succeed, and do so quickly and efficiently. We won’t waste your time or your money if that’s not a realistic outcome.