Litigation Practice

MMM+B has an active and diverse litigation practice. We litigate complex litigation matters on behalf of clients in Federal and State courts as well as before administrative and quasi-public bodies. Our trial and appellate experience have assisted a broad range of clients in achieving their litigation objectives.



Business Disputes 

Business on business litigation has become an almost inevitable part of global commerce, and it is what MMM+B does best. Since litigation can be essential to protecting business interests, if not the survival of the business itself, we protect our clients by aggressively approaching all litigation as if the case is going to be won at trial – not through settlement. Many cases can and should be resolved through negotiation, but by zealously prosecuting and defending cases from the start, we ensure that clients are well positioned at every stage to resolve their case, whether it ultimately will be through settlement or at trial. 


Class Actions

Unfortunately, more and more businesses and consumers are falling victim to corporate fraud and wrongdoing, in cases where the wrongdoer goes to great lengths to conceal their misconduct. 

We are trained at exposing public fraud and protecting victims from wrongdoing. One of the tools we use to protect our clients and those similarly situated from widespread misconduct is the class action. We prosecute class actions nationwide on behalf of individual and institutional clients. Since its founding in 1999, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

If you are a victim of corporate wrongdoing, you should contact us immediately for a comprehensive review and analysis of your potential claims.


Close Corporation/Family Business/Partnership Disputes 

Small and mid-sized businesses represent the core of our economy. The officers, directors, and owners share a common objective and obligation to act in the best interests of the business. A single mistake of judgment can ruin an investment or devastate a business. MMM+B excels at providing timely and effective advice to small and mid-sized business so that they may avert disasters. When it's too late, we will take swift action to hold a wrongdoer accountable for any breach of duty.


Executive Employment

Businesses and their key officers and employees frequently part ways. MMM+B appreciates that a lot is on the line in such cases, and for that reason sophisticated individuals call upon us for aggressive representation when complex issues related to executive employment representation are needed. 

And complex issues do frequently arise. Executive separations involve fighting through difficult matters including: What is owed under incentive compensation plans? What rights does the departing employee have as a shareholder or partner in the business? What restrictions limit the employee’s right to compete? Are there trade secrets that must be protected? Are sales commissions owed? Is the employee a protected whistleblower?

Coming to the aid of clients in all of these fights is what we are all about. In the past year, we have successfully represented both individuals and business on all of these questions.


Emergency Litigation 

With the speed of today's business world, a well-planned, rapid response to an emerging crisis can mean the difference between the successful resolution of a problem or an abysmal failure. Whether it be stopping competitors from using a trade secret, preventing a departing employee from starting up or joining a competitive business, or halting a governmental agency from illegally awarding a contract, MMM+B has time and time again come to the aid of clients to successfully litigate in these emergencies. In short, while some lawyers may dread the proverbial 11th hour call, we embrace the chance to lead clients through any crisis.


Investor Claims 

Most financial advisors are honest and competent, but not all. The stock market declines of recent years have exposed what very few people appreciated before, retirement savings, trusts, and other securities investments frequently suffer due to mismanagement, mishandling or misconduct by an investor's financial advisors. The attorneys at MMM+B are experienced securities litigation attorneys who help individual investors recoup losses incurred on account of the negligent or unscrupulous actions on the part of stockbrokers or other investment professionals. We provide first-class litigation and arbitration services on a contingency fee basis.  

The most common types of investment fraud discovered and prosecuted by MMM+B include the following legal claims: 

+ Churning: 

stockbroker over-trading for commissions.

+ Unsuitability: 

stockbroker disregarding investment objectives or acting contrary to investment objectives of the investor. 

+ Unauthorized trading: 

stockbroker trades made without authority.

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